I can’t keep up with my life

Let me illustrate how my “everyday” schedule works.

5:30-5:45Wake up + hygiene
6:10-6:30Spiritual study + prayer
6:30-7:00Personal coding projects/Reading programming books
7:00-7:15Preparing food for work
7:15-8:30Drive to work + listening to audiobooks at 1.5x
17:30-18:30Drive back home + listening to podcasts at 1.5x
18:30-22:00Dinner + family time


And this is how most of my days actually go.

6:30-6:45Wake up + hygiene
6:45-7:00Getting dressed + maybe reading one page from Bible + one short prayer
7:00-7:20Eating + preparing some food for work
7:20-8:30Drive to work + chatting with my wife + listening to the radio
17:30-18:30Drive back home + chatting with my wife + maybe listening to a "Friends" episode and laughing all the way back home
18:30-22:30Dinner + family time + TV + putting the kids to bed
22:30-23:00Wasting time on some game on my phone + 9Gag

I would have liked that this article would be a “how-to” article, but it’s not.

If I would have more days more like the first category, that would be good, but most of them are like the second category.

The only thing I should definitely change is the phone gaming and 9Gag browsing. Any other suggestions?

How do you guys stick to a schedule? Do you have any routines that seem more efficient than others?